White Asparagus Blues & Vegan Retreat

Today, on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio, Emmy Award winning composer, lyricist, and performer, Lance Horne shared his new CD "First Things Last," featuring the jazzy-licious track "Little White Asparagus Blues!" We chatted about his current tour and his upcoming projects for 2011, of which there are many! Lance shared his "Easy Brussels Sprouts" recipe (yumm) and he shared the interesting story of his journey towards vegetarianism. Yay! Be sure to check out the official Lance Horne website to get all of the fabulous updates! 

In addition, I was joined by 40 year vegetarian, Douglas Stevenson who shared his inspiring views on vegetarian food. Douglas became a vegetarian on a fishing trip 40 years ago, when compassion for the beautiful fish turned him toward creating a sustainable, plant-based life-style. He has been living on The Farm for many years, helping to found the "modern vegetarian culture." He chatted about the exciting Vegan Cooking Retreat which will take place on The Farm on February 25, 26 and 27th , 2011. The cooking classes being offered during the 3 day retreat experience include: Soy and Tofu Recipes, Raw Foods, Cheese Alternatives, International Cuisine, and Recipes for Kids! To learn more visit: Sustainableliferetreats.com  Listen to the show here! www.Jazzyvegetarianradio.com


The multi-talented Lance Horne has just released his excellent debut CD, "First Things Last"