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Jazzy Vegetarian: Radio

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Welcome to JAZZY VEGETARIAN RADIO! My heartfelt thanks to all the listeners that make this show possible! Wednesdays at 1PM (EST)

Making the world a better place, ONE RECIPE at a time!

Celebrating over 1.3 MILLION listens - Thank You! 

Each week, on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio, it's time to jazz up your weekly menu with Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian. Jazzy Vegetarian Radio focuses on healthy and tasty, plant-based recipes, eco-entertaining tips, celebrity interviews, and upbeat music, served up with a bit of fun on the side! The show speaks to health conscious people of all ages, by reaching out to dedicated vegans and nonā€vegetarians alike, who are on the path to wellness through compassionate food choices. Each week we feature a celebrity guest to chat about scrumptious vegetarian food and simple sustainable solutions for everyday living. You'll hear some fabulous music along the way! So let's get JAZZY with Jazzy Vegetarian Radio! 

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