6 Vegan Main Dish Recipes for GAME DAY!


Score a vegan touchdown with these six plant-based, GAME DAY main dishes and two bonus desserts, cooked up with a jazzylicious twist!


Chili-Chickpea Stuffed Spuds make spicy finger food (and might I say, they actually kind-of resemble a football)!


Three-Bean Sweet Potato Chili gets great texture and a fun kick, with the addition of yams or sweet ptoatoes instead of meat! YUM.



Guacamole Taco Salad Bowls make the perfect hearty lunch or light supper. Quick to make, crisp tortilla bowls serve as the base, while a creamy and flavorful avocado and leafy green filling provides a true “one dish” treat that will satisfy a hungry crowd! Or, if you like, Mini-Guacamole Taco Bowlsmake enticing finger food for Half-Time fun!


 Stack ‘em up! Vegetable Quesadilla Bake makes a delish dish for omnivores and vegan alike. This tasty and zesty twist on a classic quesadilla makes an inviting, party meal.


Want to serve a casserole on your game day buffet? Sensational Two Bean Enchilada Casserole is an easy to prepare, layered casserole that’s bursting with flavor - so filling too!!!   


In addition to being a popular starter, Nutritious Nachos can stand in as a quick, main dish for kids and adults alike. Plus, the tomatoes and bell peppers help sneak in a serving of veggies, making this zippy dish a real winner. Serve with Jazzy Black Bean Chili, which is also special enough to offer as an enticing entrée when company is coming.


For a sweet treat, Chocolate-Chip Banana Blondies are sure to score big time for dessert.


Or try these Luscious Little Carrot Cakes! A SURE hit! Have a fun, festive and jazzylicious day!