“All Things Veggie” with the fabulous Colleen Holland of VegNews

Today on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio, we talked “All Things Veggie” with the fabulous Colleen Holland who is Associate Publisher and co-creator of “VegNews.” Spring has truly sprung, and what is spring, without a bevy of weddings…vegan weddings that is! Colleen talked about the brand-new (May/June) VegNews Issue. It's their 11th annual vegan wedding feature, and Colleen discussed the wide range of vegan weddings featured in the magazine. She also chatted up "VegNews Vacations" and she shared her top favorite vegan restaurants!


From VegNews's beginning, Ms. Holland has helped to grow VegNews from a 28-page newspaper to an award-winning magazine. A graduate of UCLA and the Natural Gourmet Institute, Colleen has been vegan since 1995 and her background in food, marketing, and brand-building has helped to create a savvy, internationally renowned media company.

Then I welcomed drummer/vocalist/composer Don Mulvaney, to chat about and feature his new CD, “Life.” Don Mulvaney,  has performed with many top names such as Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Maureen McGovern, and Melissa Manchester, (and Laura Theodore), among others. Don is currently on faculty at Fairfield University teaching drum-set in the Jazz Department. He has performed on Broadway with the shows: The Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Golden Land, On Second Avenue, Birds of Paradise, and Falsettos. His song "Haiti" is currently raising money donated to Partners In Health and Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief. Check out his great story about working with Tony Bennett!


I featured Don’s great song “Comin’ Home” from his CD “Life,” featuring Don Mulvaney on percussion and vocals.

Please join us!