Compassion for our Companion Animals


Happy Mittens, "sleeping on the job" at "Friends for Life Thrift Store." 

(Can you spot Happy Mittens in this photo? Answer: He is sleeping inside the blue checkered comforter!

Today, on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio, we focused on having “Compassion for our Companion Animals.” I talked with Shelley Marcy, Vice President of “Friends for Life Forever Farm,” whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home senior and special needs companion animals. Shelly shared how she originally became part of “Friends for Life” and she talked about what life is like for the fortunate senior and special needs companion animals that enter their doors. There is a “No-Cage” policy at Friends for Life”! All of the cats and dogs live in houses and have access to the outdoors! Visit:

In addition, Julie Snyder, who is a licensed clinical social worker, shared the happy tale of “Happy Mittens” and his new life at the “Friends for Life Thrift Store!” Julie has her own private therapy practice and works as a Director at Bridge of Hope. Bridge of Hope is a faith-based, non-profit organization that works to prevent and end homelessness with single mothers and their children, helping them to develop the skills necessary to make long-term life changes which lead to financial self-sufficiency and emotional, social and spiritual wholeness. For more information, please visit:

More Jazzy News: For the months of March, April and May, “Friends For Life at the Forever Farm” is the featured charity at “Chocolate for Charity.”  Check out their delicious line of “Vegan Confections.” To learn more, please go to and click on the photo of cute little "Buddy and Chocolate for Charity.” Speaking of chocolate, my Recipe of the week is Peanut Butter Fudge, and it is fudge-o–licious! You can prepare this fudge in under fifteen minutes for a rich treat that is full of healthy stuff. This makes a scrumptious afternoon snack or decadent tasting dessert for kids and adults alike. Music by the fabulous Lance Horne with his song “Little White Asparagus Blues.” Please join us!