Delicious Meat-Free Meals!

An exciting show today with Robin Gager, who is the author of “Don’t Eat Me,” a cookbook for animal lovers. The cookbook is dedicated to the world of imitation meat dishes, or “veggie-meat.” We discussed some fabulous meat-free recipes. Robin’s cookbook shows how to easily transition into a vegan diet, without missing out on anything, except participating in the cruel, and wasteful industry known as factory farming. The book features, accessible and delicious recipes, beautiful photos of the food and some really sweet pictures of farm animals such as; Sheila the Chicken, Dylan the Cow and Pinky and Eva, two cutie-pie Piggies! Check out Robin's wonderful Celebrity Recipe of the Week, Bang A Gong Wonton Soup.  Visit Robin and her cookbook at:  Check out Robin's musical group, the Hot Cat Ladies! Super cool.


Speaking of having compassion for farm animals, it was most appropriate and enlightening today to hear from the incredible Gene Baur, President and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary to talk about the ways that anyone can help farm animals, nationwide. He talked about the 25th anniversary of Farm Sanctuary, which will be joyfully celebrated with black-tie galas in New York City and Beverly Hills. Gene discussed the “Downer Petition” that the USDA is currently seeking public comments on. He also touched upon the results of a recent vote by the “Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board” to permit the inhumane confinement of veal calves in crates so small they are unable to turn around. Please learn more about these very importent issues regarding more humane treatment of farm animals at, and learn how anyone can help. Click to purchase Gene Baur’s book "Farm Sanctuary." 


Oh yes, talking about cooking meat-free! My Recipe of the Week, is my Southwestern Style Chili. It features veggie burgers instead of meat. If you’re tight on time, this chili makes a great one-pot meal, served with a bit of crusty bread on the side. Find the full recipe along with many of my favorites at Please join us! Listen to the show by clicking here: Talking with Gene Baur and Robin Gager.