Eco-Chic Decorating Tips for the Holidays!


OK, I’ll admit it. I sometimes get a bit stressed out over the holidays…Maybe you do too?

This year I found the time to display some of my favorite seasonal decorations, but in recent years I have been so busy with the television show that I do not have the time to pull out the boxes of ornaments from the back of the guest closet. So…I am sharing a few of my jazziest tips on how I display quick, festive holiday décor. All of these ideas are simple to do in just a few minutes of your time.


A super easy and no cost way to add seasonal decor to your home is to enhance with a touch of color and punch with holiday cards. I display holiday cards on various tabletops and in my front entryway. Often, if I have no time to decorate, I simply arrange some of my favorite seasonal cards on the mantle for a bit of festive embellishment.


Another quick, no cost option for decking out your home is to consider enhancing with evergreens, twigs, and pinecones found in your own yard. But, my favorite way to decorate is to fill bowls or holiday baskets with vintage ornaments and display them throughout my home. Easy and elegant.


When setting the dining table for a party, I sometimes use my “fancy” dinnerware, but often use my “everyday” plates. I like to mix and match dinnerware by incorporating old, new and everyday items.


I love to dress up the table with handmade place cards. (Makes guests feel welcome and avoids that uncomfortable moment when folks gather around the table trying to figure out where to sit). I make cheerful place cards by cutting up holiday cards from prior seasons and writing each guests name on the blank side. Or, I take a piece of white card stock, cut it into rectangles, make one fold in each rectangle, and then I write each guest's name on one side, using colorful pens or markers. Each of these methods takes under ten minutes to craft for a table of eight and really adds a festive flair to a holiday table!


A holiday menu can be most challenging to put together. To help you save time this season, I have posted five of my multi-course “Holiday Menu Plans” to serve at any seasonal affair. 


Have a happy, healthy and stress-free holiday season!