Enjoy a Compassionate and Earth Friendly Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to add more compassionate and eco-chic choices into your party plan. You can easily incorporate nutritious and earth-friendly choices into your holiday supper, without sacrificing taste. The simple substitutions listed here make your meal healthier for you and for the planet!



The Food:

1) Mashed Potatoes: Substitute unsweetend soymilk and trans-fat free vegan margarine spread (such as organic Smart Balance) for the milk and butter. Swap out half of the the potatoes for steamed cauliflower! Delish! 

2) Stuffing: Simply use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth in your stuffing recipe. Use vegan margarine spread in place of butter. Delicious!

3) Squash: Stuff small acorn squash or tiny pumpkins with your favorite vegetarian stuffing and serve as a hearty entree. No need for turkey!

4) Sweet Potatoes or Yams: Prepare your yam casserole with vegan margarine spread and organic maple syrup or organic brown sugar in place of white sugar and butter.

5) Whipped Topping: Make your dessert topping cholesterol-free and lower in calories with easy to prepare, tofu whip instead of heavy whipped dairy cream. 

The Table:

1) Napkins: Cloth napkins instead of paper are the elegant, earth friendly choice.

2) Table Covering: A Table Cloth is the eco-chic choice in place of a plastic or paper covering. If you do not have a cloth big enough for your holdiay table, a white bed sheet works beautifully.

3) Place cards: Get the kid's busy making place cards from last year's holdiay cards.

4) Party Favors: Fashion fun, tasty, pretty and eco-friendly party favors using un-bleached wax paper, recycled ribbon and organic fair trade, dark chocolate! How to here!

Have a beautifully compassionate healthy holiday!

From the Jazzy Vegetarian!