Green Tea, Great Music and Summer Desserts

A great show today with Dr. Miki Purnell who shared her wonderful wellness tips and information about top Asian Superfoods! She shared information and recipes for miso soup, black rice, gobo root (burdock), green tea, oriental mushrooms and much more!  We played some fabulous music from her sensational CD: Swingin' to the Sea! Here is the show link

Here are some of Dr. Purnell's suggested links to where to buy good quality green tea and her excellent green tea recipe:

AND - Here is Dr. Purnell's fabulous Kinpira Gobo recipe:

And of course - my fabulous summer recipe of the week: Peanut Butter Mouse Tartlets - a no-cook dessert that you will love - easy to make too! Click for the recipe!


Happy, healthy summer!