Healthy Tips for the New Year!

Getting in shape this year may be easier than you think! I hope you had a wonderful, healthy and happy holiday, but now it may be time to focus on getting in shape to help make the coming year your most fabulous yet! You can get started in no time with the great tips that Rob Ventre, an independent Personal Trainer based in New York City, shared with us on today's show!. His first word of advice, to get on track, is to  "Do Something!" Sounds so simple! Rob discussed various ways to add exercise into your daily routine. He talked about his tips for adding more veggies and fruits into your daily diet plan, starting with "Packing your Snacks." Rob shared the smoothie recipe that he enjoys every morning to help keep him fit and in shape! I love these tips. I shared two of my tasty,  low fat and low calorie recipes to help you get started, starting with my delicious and easy to prepare, 2 minute  "Blueberry Banana Bounce Smoothie." See the recipe below!  I also shared my terrific "Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Cauliflower and Baby Spinach" recipe which you'll find this week, on I closed the show with an inspired track by the great Joe Beck. SO much in SO little time! Please join us! Healthy New Year!

To start your day, here’s one of my tasty smoothie recipes. As you’ll see, exact measurements are not at all important here!  

Blueberry Banana Bounce Smoothie

1 handful frozen organic blueberries

1 frozen banana (cut in pieces)

1 handful organic baby spring mix

One small organic apple (cored and cut in pieces - peeling is optional)

1/2 -3/4 cup water

Blend in high speed in your blender until smooth. Drink! Be well!


The brilliant color of your  delicious Blueberry Banana Bounce Smoothie is so enticing!


Certified Personal Trainer, Rob Ventre shares savvy tips for "Getting in Shape for The New Year!" This week on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio!