Heathy New Year to One and All!

Here are my super easy, top ten tips for 2011 for eating green AND vegan! With little (or no) extra effort you can:

1. If you are new to vegetarian eating, start by serving one non-meat meal each week for dinner, preparing hardy favorites like veggie chili, vegetarian lasagna, or spaghetti with marinara sauce. Check out the "Jazzy Recipes" page for free recipes, to get started.


2. Buy locally grown, organic vegetables and herbs whenever they are available. Or, as weather permits, try growing some of your own produce (especially herbs) in containers on your deck, or in a small garden patch. Small pots of herbs grown on a sunny windowsill in your kitchen provide pleasant aromas, while offering fresh cuttings to cook with. I grow fresh herbs on my deck from mid-May to early October.


3. Buy organic fruit whenever it is available and/or affordable. Try buying locally grown, seasonal varieties when they are obtainable in your area.


4. Use mashed bananas or whipped tofu to replace eggs in many baked goods recipes. This works especially well when making muffins, brownies, and many cake recipes. Check out my super delicious"Brownies" and "Upside Apple Cake" recipes on my "Jazzy Recipes" page...a jazzalicious way to start!


5. Use vegan and organic rice, soy, almond, cashew, coconut, or oat "milk" for topping cereals, or as a substitute for dairy milk in almost any recipe.


6. Buy only vegan, fair trade, organic dark chocolate which is healthier for the planet, while helping to build equitable and sustainable trading partnerships by creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.


7. Serve organic whole grain pasta and whole grains (such as rice, quinoa, barley, farro, and millet), available at many supermarkets.


8. Buy organic, whole grain breads, tortillas, and crackers. Organic sprouted "flourless" breads are a great alternative and available at many stores. A tasty brand to try is "Food for Life."


9. Buy or make natural, organic nut butters, made without trans fats and with no added sugar. A few varieties to try are: peanut, almond, hazelnut, and cashew butters. Pair them with natural jellys and jams that also have no sugar added.


10. Overall, buy locally whenever possible. Shop at your local farmers market or consider joining a near-by organic or certified naturally grown farm cooperative.


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