Kale with Walnut “Cream” Sauce

Today on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio, we chatted with the amazing Jessica Kellner, who is the editor-in-chief of Mother Earth Living magazine. Jessica shared in-depth tips about the incredible health and flavor benefits of home gardening. You can listen here.


I am super excited about this show today because I am a BIG fan of growing fresh herbs and leafy greens in pots on my deck all summer long. It’s so exciting to pick fresh produce and find creative and delicious ways to incorporate it into great tasting recipes. (The March/April edition of Mother Earth Living is the gardening issue!)


My recipe of the week, features one of my favorite greens that can be grown in your home garden, but (since it’s not summer yet) this nutritional powerhouse is available in most supermarkets all year around! Yes…it’s kale!!!


If you have a hard time getting your family to eat kale, this recipe will certainly change all of that. Kale with Walnut “Cream” Sauce tastes great smothered in an all-purpose creamy sauce (or it makes an awesome salad dressing), perfect for topping any green, any time of year!


Kale with Walnut “Cream” Sauce

 Makes 4 to 6 servings 

1 large bunch kale (any variety), washed, de-stemmed and very thinly sliced

½ cup chopped walnuts, plus more for garnish

½ cup filtered or spring water, plus more as needed

½ teaspoon Italian seasoning

1 teaspoon reduced-sodium tamari

1 clove garlic, halved

Steam the kale for 8 to 12 minutes, or until wilted and quite soft, but still bright green. Transfer the kale to a medium-sized bowl.

Meanwhile, put the walnuts, water, Italian seasoning, tamari and garlic in a blender and process until creamy and smooth, adding more water if needed, two tablespoons at a time, to achieve desired consistency.

Pour the sauce over the kale and gently toss until the kale is evenly coated. Serve immediately, garnished with more walnuts, if desired.




ABOUT Jessica Kellner: Jessica is the editor-in-chief of Mother Earth Living, a national natural wellness magazine whose mission is to help readers improve their lives by living in closer connection with nature—from eating whole foods and growing useful gardens to reducing chemical toxins in the home and decorating with the cycles of the season. Jessica is author of Housing Reclaimed: Sustainable Homes for Next to Nothing, a book of case studies profiling people around the nation who have built homes using reclaimed materials, with no construction or mortgage loans.