Let's Reduce Our Stress!

Today I chatted with the inspirational Diana Fletcher, The Stress Reducing Coach. Diana is an author, and motivational speaker and she is expert at helping people reduce stress and achieve optimal health no matter how busy and hectic their lives are.

But first I’d like to share two great websites that have recently featured the Jazzy Vegetarian! The first is VegNews.com, an award-winning vegan magazine and website packed with recipes, travel, news, food, reviews, and so much more. The next is GoDairyFree.com, the premier informational website for dairy-free living. It is updated daily with recipes, product reviews, cooking tips, and food news. Thank you so much to VegNews and GoDairyFree for your support!

Summer has almost arrived and we are starting to see fresh greens such as arugula in the farm market place. Here’s an easy pasta dish that incorporates this spicy spring green. I love the taste of arugula and use it regularly in salads. For the first time, I have planted it in my deck garden this year, so I’ll keep you posted on how that goes as it becomes ready to pick! The recipe is: Confetti Spaghetti!

Diana Fletcher's latest book, Happy on Purpose, Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women, was published in March, 2011 and we talked all about it on Jazzy Vegetarian Radio today. She shared some super fabulous tips for reducing stress with us, including her simple but effective breathing exercise. We talked about her insightful views on the following wonderful quote by Louise Hay,: “Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation.” How true! We also discussed her tofu recipe and the availability of Wheat-Free Tamari. Thanks Diana for a great interview!

Music today by Joy Askew with her song “Drunk on You” from her upcoming CD “Walk the Dog!”

Please join us!