Savory and Sweet Recipes for your Vegan Thanksgiving Table!

These days, there are so many delicious vegan recipes to grace your vegan holiday table, that it’s now much easier to satisfy all of your guests with a compassionate meal! Here are some links to some of my tasty, satisfying and crowd-pleasing dishes and full menu plans, to share with family and friends this holiday season!

Consider this delightful vegan Thanksgiving menu, featuring my Stuffing Casserole, Kale Salad, Maple Acorn Squash, and a classic style pumpkin pie!


Need a festive menu that is gluten-free AND vegan this holiday season? My yummy Stuffed Mushrooms, Butternut Squash Soup with Cashew Cream, and Truffle dessert are true show-stoppers!


An EASE-Y menu is sure to please - featuring Stuffed Green Peppers, Veggie Kebabs and Party Parfaits!


Stuffed Butternut Squash makes a hearty main dish for your Giving-Thanks Feast!


Many thanks to Zel Rubin of Vegetarians in Paradise, for posting my Maple Acorn Squash recipe! She has so many tasty Thanksgiving and holiday recipes on her website! Find the recipe here.


Zel Rubin was also kind enough to post my Pumpkin Cheeze-Cake recipe, perfect for any vegan holiday get-together this season! Find the recipe here.


Happy, healthy holidays!