Vegan Dessert Recipes for the Holidays!

Hurray hurray! WE ALL LOVE delicious desserts and on today's show we featured lots of tips for making tasty vegn treats at home this holiday season. This fun show featured "dairy-free ice cream author extraordinaire,"  Cathe Olsen, who penned; Lick It! (creamy, dreamy, ice creams your mouth will love.) Cathe shared her love of homemade vegan ice cream and why it is so quick and easy to make! She shared her recipe for a great "Cookie Crust,"; perfect for preparing a delectable ice cream pie! Then we heard her tempting Chocolate-Chai Ice Cream recipe! Hmmm Good!!!! We chatted about how to make healthy ice pops and even how to get your kids to eat vegetables! I shared my most popular dessert recipe of all time; decadent tasting Chocolate Ganache Pudding! Lots of green holiday tips too, focusing on my festive Eco Party favors - (you can view the how-to video right here!) Featured too, Chocolate for Charity, benefiting  Farm Sanctuary until December 31st! If that was not enough to get you in the Jazzy Holiday Spirit, I closed the show with a beautiful track from Ali Ryerson and Joe Beck entitled "The Christmas Song!" Happy, Healthy Holidays!


"Chocolate Ganache Pudding" 

Recipe by by Laura Theodore, The Jazzy Vegetarian / photo by Andy Ebberbach